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Be a WTO Intern!

We love our interns. Yeah, I know, everyone says that. But we really do. They are what gives our opera engine that extra magical bit of power, and I personally adore the infusion of fresh young ideas that they bring to our company. We hire about a dozen interns in the areas of administration, technical theatre, costumes,
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The Things We Do For Love: 2015

Presidents Day 2015, 3:50pm. Watching the snow roll in, getting ready for a trip to LA Opera on Wednesday (can you say “75 degrees and sunny?”), and musing on the operas in WTO’s 2015 season, a.k.a. The Things We Do For Love”… Defy Authority When your boss has his eye on your wife, you do everything
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Meet the 2015 Filene Young Artists!

Watch this space for summer repertoire info – coming soon! In the meantime, meet the FYA roster for 2015: SOPRANOS MEZZO-SOPRANOS TENORS BARITONES BASS / BASS-BARITONES

End of the Road

We’re home at The Barns, and I continue to fall down on the blogging job. :( The fatigue is increasingly overwhelming as we push toward the audition tour finish line tomorrow at 6pm! Of course, the finish line is just another term for the starting gate for the repertoire and casting process. Wish us luck as we
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High Risk Arias!

Our Chicago week was spent in a lovely room with natural light at Pianoforte Studios on S. Michigan. The staff was terrific, the acoustics was blessedly neutral, and we were surrounded by keyboard instruments. (There’s a Grotrian Steinweg under wraps in the far right corner of the photo; it’s the twin of my piano at
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‘Nati Road Trip!

Cincinnati auditions came and went, in a whirlwind 2.5 days. Our 5:30am departure for the airport on Saturday morning (following this absolutely beautiful Friday night concert that Lee Anne booked) turned into the beginning of a road trip, as our flight into CVG was cancelled, and no others were available to get us into town
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Audition Season, A to Z

Tomorrow will be spent packing, in preparation for the WAS-NYP-CVG-ORD-PHL-LAX-SFO-SEA-IAH-IAD 8,000-mile/1,000-aria adventure that is the next 6 weeks. As I get ready, I’m aware that many of you need to get your heads in the game for your own audition odysseys. To that end, here’s a look back at various bits of audition season advice
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From the Horses’ Mouth(s)

Enough of me writing audition season advice. (Well, not really… I will weigh in eventually…) This year you’re going to hear from those who have been there: working singers who have learned things the hard way. I’ve asked Wolf Trap Opera alumni to send me audition advice that they’d like to share with young artists, and so far
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Au revoir, Carmen

Well, that happened. Personal bests from our singers, an unbelievably beautiful summer night, and 6,000 souls in the audience. Hundreds of people onstage and off pulled our little company through its biggest project of the year, and it was a night to remember. We got a lot of press (good, bad, rarely indifferent…) for the technological
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