Last Call

“Peak happiness lies mostly in collective activity.”
Adam Grant, a professor at The Wharton School writes in a recent New York Times Opinion piece about Collective Effervescence (caps mine). I hadn’t seen that phrase before, but it perfectly encapsulates the feeling I’ve had after the last several live performances that we’ve had this summer.
Until I felt the energy transfer between the audience and the stage, felt the pounding of applause move the air around me, felt a surge of emotion like a joy cyclone…well, I didn’t realize that I was not just missing the art, but I was missing the experience of sharing it with a community. 

It’s difficult to believe, but the Wolf Trap Opera season is winding down already…you have just a few more chances to catch our 2021 artists, to experience that collective effervescence. Here’s what’s on the docket for the next few days:

Tuesday, July 13 – Little Lunch Music at noon – tune in on our Facebook page. This week’s installment features 6 Studio Artists 

Thursday July 15 – Salon Series with Filene Artist Ann Toomey and pianist Joseph Li The program ranges from opera to jazz – there’ll be a little something for everyone!

Friday, July 16 – Cinderella | Sāvitri at The Filene Center at 8pm. 

Friday, July 23 – STARias – 4 current Filene Artists and 6 Alumni dig into powerful works by Verdi, Puccini, Gounod and Berlioz. 

So, you have just 4 opportunities to take in these wonderful voices before the season ends! 
Raising a toast tonight to all those who created/are creating joyful, transcendent moments of collective effervescence for us, especially our 2021 artists. 

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