Aria Frequency Lists! And the End of an Era

2023 Filene Artists

Friends, we have finally churned through the data and have the Aria Frequency Lists for your perusal! They are linked here, and we will link to them on our social media sites. 

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you know that this blog was a true labor of love put into the universe by Kim Pensinger Witman, in an effort to demystify the young artist process. In the years since her retirement, the industry has started to move towards a place of transparency, thanks to amazing work by a number of artist activists, and by a sea change in the perspectives of young artists and the leadership in our operatic institutions. This focus of this blog is  – happily – perhaps not as desperately needed as it once was. 

So, while we may post occassionally, I’ll encourage you to stay more up-to-date with us via our website, and social media accounts. And if you miss getting a nudge in your inbox, you can email us at to be added to the Opera Insider list.


Lists here! 

SOP Aria Frequency List 23

MEZ Aria Frequency List 23 

CT Aria Frequency List 23

TEN Aria Frequency List 23

BAR BS Aria Frequency List 23 

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