NYFOS at The Barns for A’s and B’s!


Two big things coming up next week… We announce the 2018 Wolf Trap Opera season on February 1, and WTO favorite Steven Blier comes to The Barns on February 2! Steve is bringing the New York Festival of Song’s Arias and Barcarolles program to Wolf Trap, as part of the Leonard Bernstein at 100 celebration. The performance features duo pianos

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Save the Dates: Summer 2018


Even though repertoire and casting details aren’t available yet, I am happy to share next summer’s performance dates so you may consider them as you plan your opera festival and vacation travels. (Of course, I realize that without repertoire info attached, this is incomplete at best. So, no need to remind me… But some of

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Hearing with All the Senses

Sound wave

In the wake of this fall’s audition tour, we are furiously programming and casting next summer’s season. It’s a quiet time of the year for the blog, but I had to take a moment to share this article that came across my RSS feed this morning. My audition tour notes are strewn with multisensory descriptions

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ASoD: Coda


It’s been an amazing month. 478 auditions, over 9,000 miles, more than 800 arias. We are privileged to do this work, and I am regularly gobsmacked by the amount of talent, goodwill and personal courage exhibited by the artists who come into our audition rooms and then into our lives. The singing is over, but the

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ASQoD: Outcome


As we near the end of our audition tour, we are thinking about resolution, and offer this #ASQoD* “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.” Swami Satchitananda I came of age in the 60’s and the 70’s, when the Serenity Prayer was already becoming clichéd. That powerful mantra that helped so many people get

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ASQoD: Acceptance


Day 2 of NYC auditions. Today’s #ASQoD* comes from the iconic American musician whose centennial we honor in 2018. “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” Leonard Bernstein We know we need a plan. A method in the middle of the madness. Both on the micro level (how to

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ASQoD: Imagination


Before we get to today’s #ASQoD*, I want to mention that we’re holding the first of four audition days at the National Opera Center in New York City, and today is the first day of National Opera Week! Take a moment to check out this video message from mezzo-soprano (and WTO alumna!) Denyce Graves. And now, on to one of

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ASQoD: Uncertainty


On our way from Houston to New York today, landing just in time for tonight’s premiere of The Exterminating Angel at the Met! Today’s post is as much for me as it is for you. I’ve reached the flash point in our audition/casting process where my anxiety dreams are playing out both sleeping and waking. :)  We all need

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ASQoD: Problem-solving


It’s the second day of Houston auditions, and we’re on our way tonight to the dress rehearsal of Julius Caesar at HGO’s Resilience Theater @ George R. Brown Convention Center (featuring 5 WTO alumni!) Today’s #ASQoD*… “For every complex problem there is an easy answer, and it is wrong.” H.L. Mencken Don’t underestimate the value of creativity in solving

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ASQoD: Persistence


Today’s the first day of auditions in Houston, and we are at Christ Church Cathedral. We miss being on the 6th floor of the Wortham for sure, but we’re grateful for this beautiful temporary audition space with abundant natural light and lovely people! This is a bit of a sobering#ASQoD*, but don’t take the first quote at

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