Come as you are.

Dear opera community,


I hear you.


The feedback on the 2009 What (Not) to Wear blogpost has been difficult to read. Wolf Trap Opera has been stewarded by female leadership for 20 years, and to see something that we wrote to demystify the audition process in the style of a then-popular tv show inciting such anger and hurt a decade after the original post is truly heartbreaking.


Audition attire should consist of clothing that makes you feel and sing your best.


The core values of Wolf Trap Opera have always been to empower and advocate for singers in the most constructive and supportive manner possible.  We are committed to continuing to live these core values every day and I welcome the chance to continue the dialogue with you.


My email is


Lee Anne


Lee Anne Myslewski

Vice President, Opera and Classical Programming

Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts


Emily Pulley

You are a class act, Lee Anne. Thank you for responding in such a heartfelt and positive manner.

Cindy Sadler

Brava, Ms. Myslewski. It’s worth noting that, while the original post was indeed due for an overhaul, the important thing is that you DID hear and you DID change it. Those who are upset that it existed at all may lack the context to realize that the wording was, for the time, gentle and attempting to be kind and maybe even a little humorous. While it’s a shame that Wolf Trap is getting flak now for something that was written ten years ago, it’s actually a good sign that people aren’t having that language any more. It shows that the times, they are a-changin’; we hope at last for the better.

Lauren White

Love this! Thanks for the quick and positive response!

Alasdair Kent

Wolf Trap is and always will be the best, brava Kim, Lee Anne, Morgan & Rachel xxx

Alan Held

Nobody has cared more for young singers than Wolf Trap Opera…past, present, and future. The opera community owes MUCH to you and Kim and for all you have done for so many for so long. As a singer, I totally “got” what was said in the original post (including the intended humor, sarcasm, and flippancy) and have always followed guidelines like those (my auditioning days were long before the post). As an educator, I have tried to pass on those same sentiments in proper presentation…presentation that allows the singer to stand out but to have the voice remain the primary focus. And, as an Artistic Director, I reserve the right to have my own opinions on singing, presentation, and whether what is produced in front of my ears and eyes is what we are looking for in a singer for one of our productions. The singer can prepare what they want and appear as they like…and I reserve the right to react to that presentation as I best see fit as well.

Alissa Anderson

A class act above all others forever and ever, amen.

Ann Baltz

What a thoughtful and gracious response. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in this internet age, and you have shown both in your words and actions. Brava.

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