Chicago, IL

I have to mention that we had one of those moments today that keep us going. A brand-new singer walked in, announced a very difficult aria as a first selection, then proceeded to stun us both speechless. Five minutes later, I looked down to realize I hadn’t written a thing. We’re hearing developing artists, and

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I promised a list. “What We Listen For”. As if it were really quantifiable. But because most auditors (Thomas and I included) are also teachers and coaches, it’s necessary to try to articulate some goals. Bear with me here; I’m going to give you a laundry list that’s modeled on one by actor and coach

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Cincinnati probably wouldn’t occur to most people as an obligatory stop on a national talent search. But we come here every year. It’s a great place for us to become acquainted with developing talent because we’re introduced to many wonderful singers from the great training programs at CCM and Indiana University. A few really riveting

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