L’Opera Seria – Two More Days!


Our ridiculously enjoyable (U.S. premiere!) of Gassmann’s L’Opera Seria has just 2 more days left in its YouTube life. You know you owe it to yourself to dip in… Some suggestions: The chaotic Act I finale: The legendary Fish Drop: Baroque Opera gone bad: All 3 acts of this Opera Not-So-Seria are at After L’Opera Seria expires, we’ll

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West Coast First!


And so it begins. The deadline to apply for an audition in Los Angeles is tonight (September) 5 at midnight! Midwest is next: Chicago deadline is next Tuesday, September 12. (Photo above shows your astute yet friendly WTO audition panel in Chicago last year.) Go here for complete timelines and information on our October audition tour. RESOURCES Looking

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WTO 2017: Kim’s Version


Once again, the summer has drawn to a close, and I am regretting the lack of personal commentary in this space over the last few months. So much to do, so much to tell you about. Ultimately, we have to choose the former over the latter. But now that it’s over, I hope you’ll indulge this

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#TBT Carmina!


Today, just a little throwback to last week’s Carmina Burana performance at the Filene Center. In the midst of a dramatic and rare summer nor’easter, the National Symphony Orchestra, a mass community choir of 250 singers, conductor JoAnn Falletta, and three amazing WTO alumni hit it out of the park. Thanks to Brian Mulligan, Nicholas Phan and

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Pianist Lindsay Woodward in the Spotlight


Coaching Fellow Lindsay Woodward describes her chosen profession as “stealth influencing.” Read on for more insights on the rewarding life of a vocal coach! People are often confused about exactly what a “vocal coach” is. How would you describe what you do? I think this can be confusing because there are so many different things

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Mezzo Megan Mikailovna Samarin in the Spotlight


From the wacky Baroness Aspasia in The Touchstone to the young shepherd in Tosca and now the doomed son in The Juniper Tree, Megan is one of the busiest singers at the Trap this summer! Which experience(s) most influenced your decision to become a professional singer? What’s the earliest point in your life that you can identify in pointing you in this direction?

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Mezzo Annie Rosen in the Spotlight


What’s it like for a wise, big-hearted, nerdy mezzo to tackle one of the most evil roles in the repertoire? Annie Rosen breaks it down for us. What aspects of your role in this summer’s opera are natural fit with your personality and/or which aspects are a stretch for you? The Stepmother [in Philip Glass and

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Focus on Fairy Tales


As we prepare for our final operas of the season, it’s all about fairy tales for grown ups! Gripping, eerie, zany, touching, surprising. Much more to come about Bastianello and The Juniper Tree within the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t yet read the double bill articles in our 2017 Season Book, please enjoy the links below – they’re a

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Director Mo Zhou in the Spotlight


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to become an opera stage director, today’s spotlight is a great place to start. Hear all about it from 2017 Directing Fellow Mo Zhou! Her production of Listen Wilhelmina! has its final 2017 performance today at Wolf Trap’s Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods. When did you know you wanted to be a director?

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Wilhelmina in the Woods


The wombats are back at the Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods! We’re indebted to composer David Hanlon and librettist Kathleen Kelly for this musical story that educates and entertains. Wolf Trap recently commissioned this charming 25-minute opera for preschoolers, and it played to thousands of young fans in May. Now it’s back for two performances – Wednesday 7/19 and

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