“You see the fire of the evening…”


Steven Blier continues to blog about his upcoming Four of a Kind Wolf Trap concert (June 3 & 4)! Today’s installment focuses on Poulenc’s “Tu vois le feu du soir” – “Poulenc’s music glides like a gentle boat ride, rapt with adoration and appreciation. It was the composer’s favorite song, and his longest.” Poulenc: Tu vois le feu

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A Target No One Else Can See


Yesterday I had the honor of receiving the 2017 Mason Arts Award from George Mason University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. I spoke briefly during their convocation, addressing graduates in Art, Arts Management, Computer Game Design, Dance, Film and Video Studies, Music and Theater. Here’s a rough transcript.   It is truly an honor

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We’re On the Radio!


Catch a radio broadcast of our 2016 production of Gassmann’s L’Opera Seria this Saturday (May 20) at 1:00 on fabulous Classical WETA 90.9! (Featuring commentary by yours truly…) This is the production that prompted Opera News to report “Just when you think Wolf Trap Opera can’t keep churning out imaginative and surprising productions, darned if it doesn’t happen again.” And don’t

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Hi-ho, Four of a Kind!


Today and tomorrow, we are fortunate to hear from Steve Blier of the New York Festival of Song. On today’s NYFOS blog (No Song is Safe from Us), Steve shares his excitement about his upcoming Four of a Kind performances at The Barns: Gershwin: Hi-Ho!  

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Getting Ready to Listen

Wilhelmina Rehearsal

The first week of rehearsals for Listen, Wilhelmina! is in the books. Ranger Nat and wombats Winston, Wallis and Wilhelmina will perform this brand new opera for 3,000 preschoolers in mid-May. (And you can catch a show – with or without a preschooler in tow – in July!) I mentioned to librettist Kathleen Kelly and composer David

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Christmas in April


One of the best things about April is the design deadlines. (Well, maybe not from the perspective of the designers, but…)  Every few days brings new “gifts” to be unwrapped – a notification that costume sketches are ready for download or set model photos are waiting to be viewed. From here on out, the shows

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A Supertitle Sunday

Photo by Eric Melear

My Easter Sunday was probably not like yours. In my down time yesterday morning (I’ve been a church musician for 47 years, so this isn’t my first rodeo…), I tried to catch up on work by writing supertitles. But it was a little disorienting to sandwich Scarpia between services, and translating Tosca while in a church does create

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