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Held & DeYoung take SF

A brief shout-out to two WTOC alumni who made some fearsome waves with the San Francisco Symphony this week: Alan Held and Michelle DeYoung in Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle.

Any Place I Hang My Hat…

I will never truly understand how people in our business make peace with their lives on the road. Had I not been fortunate enough to make a career staying essentially in one place, I’d probably be doing something else right now. This week, our friend and colleague Louisa (a.k.a. Little Miss Bossy, a wonderful director
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Boston Part 2: Story

I had never been to Symphony Hall. Thursday night’s Boston Symphony Orchestra concert was a revelation on many levels, not the least of which is the almost unbelievable acoustics in that storied hall. We sat in the first balcony (I will never understand people who like to sit on orchestra level for almost anything…), and
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Boston Part 1: Community

We brag a lot about the alumni of the WTOC, and justly so. We played our part in helping them become the interesting people and accomplished artists they are. But in addition to hitching our wagon to their various stars, we love the way the former Trapper community allows us to connect almost anywhere. While
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Where We Come From

Now that was something. I’m not given to superlatives. I’m a fan of quietly shepherding and shaping something until it speaks for itself in the most eloquent way possible.  Whether it’s my own kids (who are two of the best people on the planet) or the artists we work so hard to support (who do
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Events like this – put together in 36 hours or less, with lots of moving parts – are full of electricity and excitement. But there are the inevitable surprises. (Like the earthquake that disrupted rehearsal this afternoon for an hour…)  One of this week’s surprises was an artist cancellation.  We just learned that mezzo-soprano Stephanie
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Trapping Wolves, Part 1

Bass-baritone Alan Held is just across the river in D.C., rehearsing for Washington National Opera’s Tosca, and he’ll be here next week for our anniversary concert. Surf on over to his blog for today’s post Trapping Wolves – Part 1. In it he talks  about his audition for Wolf Trap, in which he sang “Abendlich
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By the Numbers: WTOC’s 40th Anniversary Concert

14 Alumni of the WTOC, returning to donate their performances to benefit the Company 17 Different years of the Company’s history represented by these singers 9 Members of the 2011 summer Filene Young Artist roster returning to sing with the alumni 58 Major opera companies worldwide represented in the collective biography of these singers 22
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Homecoming: Stephanie Blythe

Stephanie spent two summers at the Trap, and her roles included Fidalma in Il matromonio segreto, Marchesa Melibea in Il viaggio a Reims, Dame Quickly in Falstaff (far left), Tisbe in Cenerentola (typical WTOC luxury casting…) and Tolomeo in Giulio Cesare. I had the privilege of being on music staff during Stephanie’s Wolf Trap summers,
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