Trappers on Fleet Street

Trappers in SFO Sweenet

Above, clockwise from upper left: Brian Mulligan as Sweeney Todd, Elizabeth Futral as the Beggar Woman, Heidi Stober as Johanna, Stephanie Blythe as Mrs Lovett, and Matthew Grills as Toby. Photos courtesy San Francisco Opera.

What a pleasure it was to see these 5 former WTO singers on stage at San Francisco Opera on Tuesday evening and to catch up with a few of them after the show. (Below, with Brian still in character:))

Trappers backstage at SFO


David Lawrence Scally

In addition to the not all that well adjusted barber cited above, I also noticed that Morgan Pease, quite active last Summer as the Versailles Figaro and also at Vocal Colors, is now singing the Rossini Figaro at ENO. He earlier did the role of the Assassin who got what was coming to him in Ben’Cellini, also at ENO.

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