From Monteverdi to the Met

Backstage at the Met with WTO alum Jamie Barton

It’s New York Audition Week, which means my brain is just a little too full for writing… Instead, I offer these lovely photographic souvenirs of the Anna Bolena we saw last night at the Met, featuring a jaw-dropping performance by our own Jamie Barton as Jane Seymour. (WTO fans will remember her beautiful performance of Penelope in Monteverdi’s Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria in summer 2009.)

Jamie Barton in Anna Bolena curtain call at the Met

Less than 12 hours after this curtain call, Jamie was off to DC, where she’ll appear on the Vocal Arts DC season tomorrow night (Thursday 10/15). Go see the concert for us!

We’re halfway through the audition tour, so it’s almost time for the short list… We’re having our first repertoire brainstorming meeting tomorrow night after auditions, and I’ll share some ideas with you in a few days.


David Lawrence Scally

You mentioned her performance in WTB’s Return of Ulysses. I will always refer to Ms Barton as “Our Penelope”! And, before Penelope, she had a real acting workout as Tisbee in Houston, assisted by a then unknown Tamara Wilson as Clorinda.
Incidentally, she is in town tonight for a Recital in the Terrace Theatre, squeezed in between Seymours.
I cannot help but also mention Taylor Stayton’s sensational Sirius XM Debut as Richard Percy [in real life Henry Percy] in that same Bolena Performance that the WTO Staff attended.

Stephie van Reigersberg

Jamie is singing tonight at Vocal Arts DC in case you know anyone who might not know!!

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