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Auditions in LA

Above: In the LA Opera audition room with Stephanie Rhodes (guest panelist), Joshua Winograde (LA Opera) and Jeremy Frank (pianist)

Opera is a Big Thing, but the opera industry is a surprisingly small network of interconnected families. We’re in Los Angeles this week, and every time we come here, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion feels more and more like a home away from home.

Yesterday, we caught the Schicchi/Pagliacci double bill performance at LA Opera, and there were quite a few Trapper sightings. The cast included Liam Bonner, Brenton Ryan, Stacey Tappan, and Craig Colclough.

We saw Liam before the show at Grand Park (with his faithful companion and Certified Adorable Dog Bennie):

After the show, we caught up with Craig and Brent:

Craig Colclough and Brent Ryan in LA
And a few days ago during my stopover in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I met Maureen McKay, who is preparing to sing the role of Leila in The Pearl Fishers at Seattle Opera.

with Maureen McKay in Seattle

Placido Domingo, photo from LA TimesOh, and lest I forget, today’s lunch break brought another distinct pleasure. We ran into this gentleman in Rehearsal Room 3. He was kind enough to ask about Wolf Trap, wish us well for our auditions, fondly remember his concert at the Filene Center over 30 years ago, and remark on what a fabulous lady our founder Kay Shouse was.

The alarm rings at 5am for the flight to San Francisco – check back for a report from tomorrow night’s Sweeney Todd!




David Lawrence Scally

F.Ballentine, J.Banks, S.Larsen, T.Lieberman, W.Liverman, A.Levis, Owens & R. Smith, Jr,
If I had a Magic Lamp with only one wish, I would wish that Abigail Levis returns, maybe as Mignon, Angelina, Sesto, Annio, Despina, Ruggiero, Bradamante, Illya or in a revival of that L’Etoile thing that you gave some of us lucky people a sample of this past season. More than anyone else who thrilled us last Summer, I consider her The Cat’s Meow!
I doubt that she can sing Margared but I bet that Jenni Banks can.

Pat Kagan

And my wish is for a Jenni Banks return, too. She mesmerized me as a spunky actress/singer.

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