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Being Selfish

It’s difficult but necessary to distance myself from the music I love – to be fair and impartial when approaching possible rep for the company, and not to steer us exclusively toward things that speak to me. For no one’s taste is truly catholic, and there are plenty of operas that I can barely abide

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Pre-Tech Ulysses

Ulysses finishes up its time in the rehearsal room. At left, a composite from this week’s artist panel. Costume shop supervisor Sue Chiang shared sketches and fabrics for this show’s amazing range of everything from leather to gauze. (Can’t wait to share production photos with you…) Conductor Gary Wedow talked about the quasi-democracy that is

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Luxury Casting

My first time through Ulysses tonight, in the rehearsal room, 5 days before we move into the theatre. An embarrassment of riches. The entire roster – 15 superbly gifted singers – throw themselves into roles big and small. Studio singers make brief finely-etched appearances, and the core orchestra of keyboards, lutes, viol and cello coaxes

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