July 26 – In All Its Infinite Variety!

11:30 am Lifting Weights
A lovely late start, affording a long night’s sleep after a 90-hour week. (Yes, I did the math. Not to qualify for martyrdom, but to justify feeling like I’d been run over by a truck.) The day started with a touch of weights and aerobics, setting up 150 chairs in the rehearsal hall!

Why the chairs? Well, we’ve been terribly fortunate to have an audience that loves its preshow lectures. We’ve been holding the preshow talks in our small 99-seat space, but lately we’ve been turning away dozens of patrons due to the capacity of the hall. So I decided to give today’s talk in the Boheme rehearsal space, and setup was required!

2:00 pm Inside the Opera Preshow Talk

Being in the rehearsal hall meant that I was without my fancy-pants powerpoint presentation, but it was a good call. We had 151 patrons in attendance, and we were pleased to not have to turn anyone away.

3:00 pm Ulysses Performance #2
Packed to the gills, no house seats, no givebacks. Yikes. Nice to have a hot ticket! Fabulous performance. YouTube moments to come, I promise. As soon as I have the time.

6:10 pm Steve!
Mr. Blier himself is in the house, rehearsal with the cast for this Saturday’s Pursuit of Love. Grieg, Villa Lobos, Granados, Sondheim, Kahane, and Robinson (Smokey, that is).

7:30 pm Instant Opera Dress Rehearsal
Darth Vader and Kermit steal prom dresses from Hannah Montana. To the strains of Mozart, Verdi, Donizetti and others. The real deal begins Tuesday at 11:15am!

9:30 pm At the Desk
Catching up on email, writing Boheme supertitles, and checking my RSS feed. Which is where I found that according to the blog metrics flavor of the day, we rank surprisingly high :)

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