Being Selfish

It’s difficult but necessary to distance myself from the music I love – to be fair and impartial when approaching possible rep for the company, and not to steer us exclusively toward things that speak to me. For no one’s taste is truly catholic, and there are plenty of operas that I can barely abide (and no, I won’t tell you what they are:)) that other folks adore.

But once a piece is up and running and my contribution is reduced to that of taking the blame or credit for what other folks lay at my feet, I can be selfish. In this case, that means taking in every moment – elegant, gutsy, wrenching, and bawdy. Because Monteverdi is in my top ten. Hell, top five. I’d give up a lot just to be able to hear this stuff the rest of my life. Gary Wedow has worked miracles, concocting an approach that honors both the letter and the spirit of the law and the music.

And, we’ve waded into doing scenic design with projections. A scary thing in a small venue with a smaller budget. But the design team (Eric Allgeier, S. Katy Tucker, Andrea Huelse & Bob Grimes) and director James Marvel have created a visually arresting and wonderfully integrated environment for this story.

Three more times in the next 5 days. It doesn’t get any better than this :)


Grace Jones

love your selfishness! love the Monteverdi. excited about seeing the opening tonight.


Gary Wedow was with Merola last year … I had a wonderful time doing Don G with him. Doubt he'd remember me, though.

Wish I could be there —


I have an unholy love for Monteverdi and I am sooo sooo excited to see this on Sunday.

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