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WTOC 1983: La calisto

Cavalli’s La calisto marked the Company’s first return to the baroque since the 1977 L’egisto. The latter was on the big outdoor stage, but the 1983 Calisto enjoyed the intimacy of The Barns. The late Joseph McLellan wrote in The Washington Post, “[Calisto‘s] plot is a running battle between the sublime and the (intentionally) ridiculous…

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WTOC 1977: L’egisto

Imagine my surprise when I realized that the 1977 Cavalli L’egisto was performed at the Filene Center amphitheatre.  I had assumed, in working through these early years, that the “bigger” works would be on the big stage, and the chamber operas would be at Madeira School. I was wrong. L’egisto had two performances at Wolf

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