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Washingtonian features Kenneth Kellogg

Jul7 27, 2010 Washingtonian features Kenneth Kellogg This month’s Washingtonian magazine features a terrific article on Kenneth Kellogg, who grew up in D.C. and has returned home to make debuts at Wolf Trap Opera and Washington National Opera this season. Click here to download the full article.

New Opera: Good Things Come in Small Packages

July 3, 2010 New Opera: Good Things Come in Small Packages Hot off the presses today at the Wolf Trap Opera Company is an interview with WTOC Director Kim Pensinger Witman, which features prominently in the second of Anne Midgette’s two-part analysis of the future of American Opera in the Washington Post.  The article includes
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Crawling the Web for Zaide

Google alerts are part of my professional lifeblood.  This month,there’s one set to notify me daily of any news with the word “Zaide” in it.  This is what I have learned in the last few days: “zaide” or “zayde” is Yiddish for Grandfather. Over at “180 Days with Mozart and Me“, Bill is working his
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A Place to Call Home

Yes, I’m still here, having fallen prey to the dreaded blog equation.  The faster life rolls at you, the more there is to write about, and the fewer hours you have to do it with… I couldn’t let today pass without pointing you toward columnist John Kelly’s “Appreciating the Tenor of Opera Company Life,” in
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