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Yes, I’m still here, having fallen prey to the dreaded blog equation.  The faster life rolls at you, the more there is to write about, and the fewer hours you have to do it with…

2009 FYA Carlos Monzón, Kimberly Monzón, and their housing hosts

I couldn’t let today pass without pointing you toward columnist John Kelly’s “Appreciating the Tenor of Opera Company Life,” in this morning’s Washington Post! None of our artists would have a Wolf Trap experience without a place to live for the summer, and our housing hosts rise to the challenge by opening up their homes to these fabulous young adults.  20 of our hosts showed up at my place last night for a preseason thank-you reception.  We shared stories and snacks, and we gave them the news that the housing host program (personified by the gracious Bill & Sheila Woessner) would be featured in Thursday’s paper.

Back tomorrow with some brand new costume sketches for Zaide!

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