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WTOC: We Take the Leash Off

“There’s a magical time at the beginning of every career where just the right amount of accumulated knowledge coincides with an irrepressible enthusiasm for the work itself. If you’re lucky, at that point you get the chance to see how good you are at what you believe you were born to do. I am fortunate

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At the Intersection

Tomorrow I get the chance to speak briefly to the Wolf Trap Foundation’s Board of Directors. The WTOC is in an unusual position, in that our parent organization has an agenda that is way wider than opera. So it’s incumbent on me to find a way to draw parallels between our world and the more

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But I Love Lima Beans…

A few months ago I did an enjoyable interview with John Greenya, for the publication that’s ubiquitous in DC-area airports: Washington Flyer. The piece ended up offering a lovely view of the WTOC. It will be available till the end of June – pick up a copy when you’re on your next trip and or

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