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Inspecting: The Uninspector

There’s a great opera parlor game that involves naming characters who have a great bearing on an opera plot and are referred to in the libretto but who never actually appear.  We’ve gone one better – in The Inspector, it’s the title character who never shows up. No matter, for everyone onstage spends the whole

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Inspecting: The Ladies

Meet the ladies of Mayor Fazzobaldi‘s family, descriptions courtesy of Mark Campbell’s libretto: Bernadetta: Mezzo-soprano. 40s–50s. Physically akin to her husband the Mayor, but taller. Pretentious, vain, and not above having a lust for power—and material gain—that is stronger than her husband’s. Beatrice:  Soprano. Late 20s. Their daughter. As thin and delicate in physique as

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Inspecting: Fazzobaldi

This week we’re workshopping the next Musto/Campbell opera.  The Inspector will premiere next spring at The Barns, and we’re taking it apart and putting it back together stem-to-stern. Today, meet Mayor Fazzobaldi [pronounced Fatso Baldy for those of you who don’t speak Italian:)) Baritone. 40s–50s. Short, corpulent, bombastic, bellicose, and bumbling, a man driven by his

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