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Buon Compleanno, Gioacchino!

For your enjoyment at left (for as long as the link is still good), Google’s homepage homage to Rossini’s 55th Leap Year birthday (February 29, 1792). Which makes Gioacchino the same age as me for a just a few months, and makes me smile :)

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They Grow Up So Fast

I’m a mother.  Of two grown children.  And although I work consciously to keep that part of my identity separate from my work, there is the inevitable overlap. I unfortunately have little patience for educators/administrators/mentors who take their roles to a maternal (or paternal) extreme, treating students and other younger people on their watch as

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Italian Holiday

We’re spending Independence Day weekend in our own Italian piazza, with the quirky denizens of Rossini’s Turk in Italy.  It’s not exactly barbecues and fireworks, but it has its own charm. In the spirit of the holiday weekend, some irreverent Turk pseudo-facts and observations: “I’m thinking about hanging out next to the docks in my

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