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Apple and Chagall

I’ve blogged before about my visual incompetency. I yearn to see with the detail and texture with which I hear. It’s a lifelong quest. Tomorrow I will sit in awe of two of our performing artists (mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton and pianist Jeremy Frank) as they revel in a challenge to respond to paintings by C├ęzanne,

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In the Rear-View Mirror

Last night’s Road Trip! concert left me speechless. The paradox of blogging is that the stories that defy description are the very ones that demand to be told. Tweets and posts don’t feel like strong enough vessels to contain an evening filled with such beauty, humor, talent, and generosity of spirit. The full house at

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72 Hours Till the Rubber Meets the Road

Only about 20 tickets left for a witty, touching, and thoroughly entertaining Saturday night with Steve, Ava, Dominic, Jamie and Daniel. To tide you over, sample some lyrics that await you at The Barns… Ol’ whiskey comes from ol’ Kentucky,Ain’t the country lucky?New Jersey gives us glue,And you – you come from Rhode Island,And little

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