Apple and Chagall

I’ve blogged before about my visual incompetency. I yearn to see with the detail and texture with which I hear. It’s a lifelong quest.

Tomorrow I will sit in awe of two of our performing artists (mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton and pianist Jeremy Frank) as they revel in a challenge to respond to paintings by Cézanne, Chagall, Daumier, Bonnard, Monet, Lawrence and Degas. They’ve chosen songs by Libby Larsen, Henri Duparc, Fiona Apple, Claude Debussy, Charles Ives, and Elton John; and they’ll perform the music in front of projections of the artwork (courtesy of the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.)

If you’re a fan of ours in the Vienna, VA area, and you’re interested in coming to this mini-recital at 1:00 pm tomorrow (Thursday, June 11), drop us an email at, and we’ll reserve you a seat! (Reservations required)

(A fly-by visit to my office a few minutes ago reported that the Mark Chagall / Fiona Apple pairing is a marvelous thing:)

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