72 Hours Till the Rubber Meets the Road

Only about 20 tickets left for a witty, touching, and thoroughly entertaining Saturday night with Steve, Ava, Dominic, Jamie and Daniel.

To tide you over, sample some lyrics that await you at The Barns…

Ol’ whiskey comes from ol’ Kentucky,
Ain’t the country lucky?
New Jersey gives us glue,
And you – you come from Rhode Island,
And little ol’ Rhode Island is famous for you.

(Dietz & Schwartz)

All New York’s a stage,
And all its men and women are very bad actors.
How they rant and rage, for food and drink and money,

For those are the factors.
Out of the Bronx and Yonkers
Rushing to earn a wage –
He must be strong who conquers
On the Manhattan stage.

(Rodgers & Hart)

Yippi-yi, away out west in Jersey,
I declare these are the thoughts I thunk,
Yippi-Yi, if Jersey looks like this to me,

Either Jersey or me is drunk.

(Kurt Weill / Ogden Nash)

Nightmare, daymare,
Feelin’ older than the gray mare.
Lost my lover in the blue, blue grass.

(Dietz & Schwartz)

Can’t get Indiana off my mind,
Anywhere I chance to roam;
The music on the Wabash that I left behind
Calls me back home.

(Hoagy Carmichael & Robert DeLeon)

I could have a mansion on the hill,
I could lease a villa in Seville,
But it wouldn’t be as nice as a summer in Ohio
With a gay midget named Karl, playing Tevye and Porgy.

(Jason Robert Brown)

Song der Prärie…Lied der Prärie..
Horst du es klingen, ein Rauschen und Singen?
Ja, das ist der Ruf der Prärie!

(Uh….. “Song of the Prairie” from Kálmán’s priceless Arizona Lady)

From east coast to west… in two hours. Ride along.

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