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WTOC Announces its 2010 Season across the Blogosphere!

Tickets go on sale to the general public on March 13. For advance sales and priority handling, become a Wolf Trap member. For show dates, casts, and other performance info, start here. In celebration of the announcement of WTOC’s 2010 season, I am doing guest posts and interviews in various locations across the blogosphere. Find

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Special (Merriam-Webster): distinguished by some unusual quality. Life’s a Pitch just finished a week hosting a virtual panel on when and how artists, managers, journalists, presenters and publicists single out musicians for being “special” in their promotion and career-building efforts.  Amanda’s summary of the posts by her 4 guest bloggers is here. I hesitate to

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January: When the Music Goes into Hiding

I wear my Marketing and Box Office hats a lot in January.  (Good thing, too, for it’s bloody freezing around here.  I need all the clothing I can find.)  All of the music that surrounded us during the audition and casting process has temporarily disappeared to make way for writing copy and selling tickets. So,

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