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Day 4: Still Innocent, But Not for Long

It’s still early days in the education of dear naive Figaro. Still the same sweet, enterprising, enthusiastic guy we knew from┬áThe Barber of Seville, he is over the moon about the fact that he and his adored Susanna will soon share a bedroom. But his excitement blinds him. Susanna is the realist in the relationship.

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Day 2: Il Compleanno di Figaro

Yes, Figaro will get married in a few weeks. But today it’s his birthday! And we do birthdays right at Wolf Trap Opera… Thanks to bass-baritone Thomas Richards (a.k.a. Figaro) for being such a good sport and wearing the birthday ritual crown, glasses and boa. Check out his real photo and bio here. Stay tuned

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Day 1: The “First Day of School”

Figaro┬árehearsals begin. It’s the first day of school, the first day on a new job, and the first day in a new town. Artists arrive and barely get a chance to shake hands before being thrown into a full sing-through of the entire opera. None of this sit-around-a-table-with-coffee-and-read-the-script like our actor friends. Not for us

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