Day 4: Still Innocent, But Not for Long

It’s still early days in the education of dear naive Figaro. Still the same sweet, enterprising, enthusiastic guy we knew fromĀ The Barber of Seville, he is over the moon about the fact that he and his adored Susanna will soon share a bedroom. But his excitement blinds him.

Susanna is the realist in the relationship. She knows that there are many reasons that their bedroom is next to their employer’s. And as much as she probably loves basking in Figaro’s innocent excitement, it falls to her to explain that she may end up being forced to spend her wedding night in someone else’s bed.

The rehearsal room on Day 4 is full of potential, ambition, and energy. Mozart’s sunny music is more than welcome on this rainy May day. And Figaro is about to be taught an important lesson.

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