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Sunrise: Chicago

Through the Midwest: WTO 2022

  I’m writing this from my hotel room at The Palmer House. Both of the hotels we’ve stayed in in the midwest have been beautiful, historic properties. This is the Palmer House’s 150 anniversary season, and the hotel is iconic, a real remnant of old-school, glamorous Chicago – it’s a treat to see it being

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WTO 2022: Southern Passage

  Our days in the south have yielded some beautiful auditions! We started in Atlanta, with The Atlanta Opera serving as our gracious hosts at their rehearsal facility in midtown. Here’s a shot of their rehearsal room taped out for an upcoming production: each color denotes a different scene, and the singers have to navigate

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WTO 2022: The Search Begins

  Dear Friends of WTO, I’m writing this from an airplane heading out of Los Angeles, winging home for 20 hours to doing some laundry and see my husband and pets before starting the second leg of the journey: Houston, Cincinnati, Chicago – and starting with our first-ever trip to Atlanta! The week in New

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