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World Opera Day!

This art form of ours is pretty incredible, isn’t it? I’m not sure that there’s another method of incorporating both the fullness of the entire artistic spectrum and the fullness of the human experience. Opera allows for both grand spectacle and the very most intimate, vulnerable moments in the same genre…often within the context of

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Halloween Inspiration: WTO Style

To help you celebrate October | Halloween | Hauntober | Spooktober, might we suggest one of the following resources? Option 1: You’re looking for a party soundtrack that has less to do with a booty-shaking beat and more to do with terrifying your friends and neighbors. You’re in luck! Download (available as of October 18, but

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What are you wearing?

We’ve seen just about half of you on the audition tour as we wrap up New York, and, as the halftime show is a break from regularly scheduled programming to provide entertainment and spectacle, we thought we’d give you (and ourselves) a break from the musical content and provide something more fashion oriented. It’s fun

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