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Halloween Inspiration: WTO Style

To help you celebrate October | Halloween | Hauntober | Spooktober, might we suggest one of the following resources? Option 1: You’re looking for a party soundtrack that has less to do with a booty-shaking beat and more to do with terrifying your friends and neighbors. You’re in luck! Download (available as of October 18, but

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What are you wearing?

We’ve seen just about half of you on the audition tour as we wrap up New York, and, as the halftime show is a break from regularly scheduled programming to provide entertainment and spectacle, we thought we’d give you (and ourselves) a break from the musical content and provide something more fashion oriented. It’s fun

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Update from the Road

Hello friends!We are hearing auditions this week in New York City, at the lovely National Opera Center. It’s our third stop: we started in Los Angeles last week, and took a rather indirect route to get to Houston in the wake of Tropical Storm Imelda. It feels like a bit of luxury to unpack our

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