It’s Tenor Time!

We return to the Aria Frequency Data with the Tenor Aria Frequency List.

As is our usual expectation, Tamino came in first place with tenors this year. We heard Dies Bildnis 11 times total, but only once in round one. We asked for it five times in both round two and in the callbacks. Continuing with Mozart, Don Ottavio’s arias were almost an even split – we heard Il mio tesoro four times, three times in the second round and once in callbacks and Dalla sua pace 3 times, once in each round. We heard Tito’s Se all’impero three times all in round one, and ah! Se fosse intorno once also only in round one. We heard Belmonte’s Ich baue Ganz three times, once in each round. The only one off was Idomeneo’s Vedrommi intorno which we asked for in callbacks.

Next in popularity (in terms of number of times sung) was Ah! Leve-toi soleil. Romeo was sung four times in round one, three times in the second round and once in callbacks for a total of eight. Lensky was next with seven hearings, three times in round one, and twice each in the second round and callbacks. Rounding out the top four arias was Tonio and Ah! mes amis. The multiple high c’s came flying in this aria four times in round one and twice in callbacks for a total of six.

Tied with five hearings each (the majority of which were in round one) were Che gelida manina (La Boheme), La fleur que tu m’avais jetee (Carmen), Salut demeure chaste et pure (Faust) and Una furtiva lagrima (L’elisir d’amore).

Tom Rakewell (Here I stand) and Male Chorus (Tarquinius’ Ride) topped the English offerings with four hearings each. There was one hearing each of more Britten in the form of, Hi, Sid! (Albert Herring), Miles! (Turn of the Screw), and Steady! There you are (Peter Grimes). The most modern aria we heard was from Elmer Gantry (2007) with Is Belief a Gift in round one.

The Studio tenor applicants, more than any other fach presented some really lovely song repertoire including Love went a’riding (Frank Bridge), Theology (Betty Jackson King), Till I wake (No. 5) (Henry Burleigh), When I Have Sung My Songs (Ernest Charles), and Zueignung (Richard Strauss).

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