Getting Ready for 2016

The WTO team is on the fall audition tour, hearing over 500 singers in preparation for next summer’s opera season. Follow the blog for updates, and look for our 2016 season announcement in early spring.

From the Blog

Donna at CCM

Your Audition Partner

Today, we talk about the printed music that comes in the audition room with you. No huge revelations, but you’d be surprised how many folks create stumbling blocks for themselves by ignoring this basic advice. Our Cincinnati auditions (at CCM) are typically played by Donna Loewy, who is not only a fabulous pianist and collaborator, she’s

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Auditions in the Patricia Corbett Theater at CCM

Auditions: Before the Singing

We’ve talked a bit about what happens outside the audition room. Now let’s turn our attention toward what happens between the door and the first note… Greetings Don’t spend a lot of time obsessing about how to relate to the audition panel. Auditions aren’t cocktail parties, and other than avoiding the appearance of being extraordinarily

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Screenshot 2015-09-26 15.45.40

Trappers in Chicago

Yesterday afternoon’s opera performances in the windy city included Lawrence Brownlee’s Lyric Opera of Chicago debut in La cenerentola. We are proud to call Larry a Trapper, and I’m beside myself with excitement about sharing the recital stage with him in a few months. A few weeks ago, he was featured on the Fatherly website. If you’ve ever wondered

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