Yes, Let the Kid Study Music

Playing_cello-1My two children grew up with two musician parents. They became who they are through music, theatre and art, and they are carving out their adult lives in completely different arenas. Relieved? You bet I am. But had they chosen to live the artist’s life, I would’ve said the same thing I say to anyone making that decision: If there’s anything else that would make you as happy, then go do it. If not, give it all you’ve got.

If a young person you know and love is a talented musician, you may be torn. You may (not unjustifiably) see the pursuit of a musical career as an exercise in heartbreak. Although there may be big decisions to be made when that precociously gifted child gets to be an adult, there’s a good chance that things may naturally sort themselves out by then. In the meantime, embrace it. There are few better places for a young person to find out what she’s made of.

This blog entry from the Denver Post is spot on.

“What can we say about our years of careful parenting if the ultimate message to our children is “I know you love your music, sweetie, but you’d better not try to pursue it as a career – you might fail”?… Let the kid study music, already…  The young musician will find his way, or hers, and get stronger and more resilient all the time. The kid will learn to listen to an inner voice that isn’t yours, or mine, but the kid’s own heart. Isn’t that the channel we want our children tuned into, after all?”

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