Wolf Trap Company 1973: Overview

The young artist roster of 1973 included 44 singers, quite a few of whom went on to craft careers in the performing arts. In addition to those mentioned in the individual posts dedicated to 1973 season productions (Most Happy Fella, Saint of Bleecker Street, and Don Pasquale), opera lovers will doubtless be familiar with John Aler, Judith Christin, Sigmund Cowan, Martha Randall, and Linda Roark-Strummer. (See full roster below.)

Other 1973 performances included a concert performance of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman with the National Symphony Orchestra (!), a concert with the Wolf Trap Orchestra featuring excerpts from Idomeneo and Figaro, and a gala finale concert of scenes from a wide range of repertoire (click on images to enlarge programs).

Members of the 1973 Wolf Trap Company

John Aler
Raeder Anderson
Sonja Beverly Anderson
Susan Applegate
Carmen Balthrop
Donald Barnum
Scott Bodie
Diane Bolden-Taylor
Jeanne Bowers
Judith Christin
Sigmund Cowan
Judith de Rosa
Matthew Dooley
Carroll Freeman
Valerie Girard
Earl Grandison
William Hall
Eunice Hill
Norma Hirsch
Linda Houpt
Edward Huls
John Jellison
David Cale Johnson
Robert Keefe
Rebecca Littig
Melvin Lowery
Christopher Merritt
Monica Ortiz
Ron Raines
Martha Randall
Linda Roark-Strummer
Neil Rosenshein
John Seabury
Alice Shields
Linda Lane Smith
Barbara Solomon
Marianne Spangler
Stephen Swanson
Terrance Tobias
Carolyn Weber
Stanley Wexler
Gary Willard
Judith Wood
David Wylie

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Donald V. Phillips

Looking for any information for Sonja Beverly Anderson who I knew years ago (1971) when we attended Glendale Community Collage. Please advise me if you know her whereabouts or any method of/for contacting her

Thank you, -Don

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