Why I Got Nothing Done Today

Prepare the Ulysses preshow talk… proof the Bohème program… no, digitize the Smokey Robinson arrangement… oops, finish writing the code for the fall audition tour application… er, put the final push on the Bohème marketing plan… first, solve the impossible Instant Opera scheduling puzzle… kick off the singer YAP roundtable discussion… no, finalize the Twitter plan for the NSO concert next week… but first, finish the Bohème supertitles… gotta find some chocolate… now, tweet about something… submit the website request forms for updating the chamber music series pages… wonder why I am so cranky… uh, proof the Ulysses dress rehearsal program… try to figure out how to see visiting colleagues… but first, confirm audition tour cities and dates… oops, forgot to blog about anything…

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I always wonder how you do all the things you do, my respect and admiration, even if you didn't get anything done today

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