Whirldwind Trip: Tanglewood & Glimmerglass

My raw envy of the Tanglewood Theatre’s fly space and ample orchestra pit is mitigated by thankfulness for our air conditioning at The Barns at Wolf Trap.

Yo-Yo Ma and James Taylor sharing the stage while neither playing up nor down to each other’s genres is a simple and beautiful thing.

The words “fully endowed in perpetuity” are unbelievably common in Lenox, Massachusetts, and I covet them.

Getting out of your own little world doesn’t solve problems, but it sure does re-order their nature and magnitude.

I am a sucker for the first 25 minutes of the opera proper in Ariadne auf Naxos.

It might be very good and healthy for me to be out of 3G network service sometime soon. Will renew my commitment to step off the grid temporarily;  but just not before our season is over.

Copland + Glimmerglass YAAP = Opera without Irony.  This is a good thing.

Colleagues can be incredibly gracious, and some people can be thoughtlessly rude.

I am incapable of speaking enthusiastically and articulately with rabid opera fans at the bed-and-breakfast.

My husband is a god for driving 19  hours while I worked on my laptop.  He was rewarded with 54 holes of golf while I went to meetings and auditions.

Can’t wait to be home tomorrow to usher Midsummer into the theatre.  Bring on the magic.

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