Whine whine whine

Trying to honor my promise to post at least 3 times a week, but I may have to fall short. Irritating medical/dental things this week… now have some sort of lymph node imfection that’s puffing up my neck. (I am Jeremiah the Bullfrog.)

I know, T.M.I. But I have this perverse obsession with proving I’m not a slacker.

On the bright side, I did write 65 audition feedback emails this week. (If you got one of them and I sounded surly, blame it on the pain medication.)

Back online as soon as I can.

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Drew McManus

Three times a week is a good goal! Twain said “familiarity breeds contempt” but then again he never knew about blogging (but given his life, he would have certainly been one of history’s uber-bloggers).

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