Vive Ouf!

I’ve been told by several colleagues associated with our production of L’Étoile (opening tomorrow!) that I’ve neglected this most-enjoyable-of-operas in the blog. It seemed inconceivable, for most of my days lately have been consumed by all things L’Étoile. But it’s true. Completely unintentional but true.

How to summarize a month’s worth of Chabrier’s sassy and sweet opera?

We ignored it for years, believing that the orchestration was too extensive for our mini-pit. Once we discovered this beautiful reduction (for you musicians and producers: strings plus and 2 percussion), we were sold. And this year’s audition year netted the perfect cast.

Lazuli, the wandering peddler.

Princess Laoula with King Ouf

Lazuli with astrologer Siroco

Ouf with Aloës

Lazuli trying to escape


Hérisson de Porc-Epic

Lazuli & Laoula

Nous voyageons incognito

Photos 1, 2, 4, 9 by Carol Pratt
Photos 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 by Andrew Propp

To my chagrin, there are still tickets remaining for this 4-show run. Best tickets available next Friday (8/3), but also good ones to be had this weekend (tomorrow at 8, Sunday at 2) and for the final show (8/5 at 2.)

I Vant to be Alone

A day (well, almost 8 hours) by myself. And did I ever need it.

Yes, I know, too much solitary time is also a curse. But I haven’t had a single morning, afternoon, evening, whatever of alone time in over 2 months. Have used my few days off to help my dad move. And the rest of the summer has been a blur of people. Lovely people (for the most part), mind you, but I’ve had my fill. (Now, if you are working at Wolf Trap and you’re reading this, realize that this is not an admonition to avoid me…)

I’m a people person, but the cost can be high. Because I’m also a people pleaser, and no matter what the situation, precious energy is siphoned off for that purpose. Yes, I know it’s not particularly wise or mature, but I’ve given up trying to change. The thing is, though, I’m the last one in line unless I’m the only one in the room. Therefore, my day alone today was the best drug money can’t buy.

(And just in case you think I did noble things with my solitude, consider this. I was so disgusted trying to clean my house that I gave in and bought a Dyson. Yes, MI, I did it. And yes, I filled two of those canisters with dirt. Thought about blogging a picture, but I’m not sure I want you to know that much about me.)

See you at L’Étoile. Almost forgot… nice preview today in The Baltimore Sun.

Vive Ouf ! Vive notre Ouf, notre bon Ouf, le plus excellent des Ouf !


Weston Hurt

Dysons are the best and most amazing machines ever! Miah and I should make a commercial about them! Which one did you get??? We have the purple animal hair-getter-upper!! LOVE it!


welcome to the dyson club! it’s gross and totally fascinating at the same time…

Jason Ferrante

We have the yellow one…4 years old now, and no problems. It’s incredible….hard wood floords, rugs, and I even take it into the garage and vacuum my car.
What does this have to do with opera? Nothing. Awesome.

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