The WTOS in Charge

It’s all about the Studio for the next few days as we head into their spotlight performance on Wednesday evening. In previous seasons the WTOS presented scenes from full-length operas; this year they serve up four 1-act operas in their entirety!
Rehearsal photos by Eric Melear

by Douglas Moore
featuring: Rebecca Nathanson, Carla Jablonski, Daniel Maimone, Timothy Beenken & Matthew Thompson

by Jake Heggie
featuring: Amanda Opuszynski, Hilary Ginther, Daniel Anderson, Douglas Yocum & Douglas Sumi

by Paul Hindemith
featuring: Amanda Opuszynski, Daniel Anderson, Timothy McDevitt, Douglas Yocum, Hilary Ginther & Matthew Thompson

by Samuel Barber
featuring: Amanda Opuszynski, Hilary Ginther, Daniel Anderson, Timothy McDevitt & Douglas Sumi

by Thomas Pasatieri
featuring: Andrea Shokery, Sishel Claverie, Sean Arnold, Tim McDevitt & Douglas Sumi

All scenes are directed by Richard Gammon and stage managed by Sam Rabinovitz.
Wednesday’s performance is an invitation-only event, and it’s a wonderful chance for these junior members of the company to own the stage!

We began the Studio just three years ago, and already it’s hard to imagine what life was like without them! (Well, I’m sure it was calmer, but far less interesting.) If you’re new to us, or are simply confused about the two different tiers of the Company, here’s the short take-away:

The Filene Young Artists have typically finished or are about to finish their graduate or artist diploma decrees. They have usually done some other young artist program work. They sing all leading, featured and supporting roles, and the average age this year is 28* (range is 25-36.)

The Studio Artists are either finishing their undergraduate degrees or just starting graduate work. (We don’t accept anyone for an audition if they’ve already finished a year in a grad program.) They sing small roles and chorus assignments, and the average age this year is 23* (range is 21-27.)

(*Our programs are not age-based;
rather, they are keyed to current level of training.)

More photos and reports from the Studio to come in the next few days!



No pictures of the Hindemith/Barber/Heggie group, Eric? Hmph! :)

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