The Barns Go British

Lute Song Dress

A sumptuous romantic quartet. Elegant classical arias. A bawdy lute song. Frothy G&S. Iconic Elgar and Vaughan Williams. Sophisticated jazz. Beautiful ballads. And Lennon & McCartney.

Delivered by Summer, Clarissa, Jonas and Shea.

Oh, and illuminated by the encyclopedic wisdom, signature wit and astonishing musicianship that is Steven Blier.

Tomorrow and Sunday (May 28/29) at The Barns.

Dress rehearsal photos by Peter Hazel


Ed Smith

Apropos of nothing in particular, I was looking at the list of WTOC past productions this evening and did not see Mitridate. Am I misremembering?


You uncovered a serious error! Mitridate was in 1997 at The Barns. We shall add it as soon as we get a chance :)

Ellen McCauley

I enjoyed the Sunday afternoon performance even though it wasn’t what I expected. I bought a ticket to “The Great Outdoors” . Whay Happened?


Thanks for the comment, Ellen. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. When Steve creates recitals for our artists, he chooses the repertoire (and by extension, the theme) to spec for our singers. Over the course of the few months prior to this recital this year, our casting changed a bit, and Steve and I decided to change the theme so the songs were custom-fitted to this particular cast. Hope that helps!

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