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Night “Off”

No opera for me tonight; I’m focused on the ampersand part of my job, backstage right with the National Symphony Orchestra, listening to Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy. Is this genre a new part of the symphonic pops “long tail”?  It’s not Mahler, but it certainly can hold its own next to the decades-old

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Tony & Maria and Romeo & Juliette

Well, actually, it was David & Ashlyn and Nathaniel & Hana who got to spend last evening with the amazing National Symphony Orchestra, bringing bits and pieces of the Romeo and Juliet musical legend to the stage.  To the approximately-115-degree stage of the Filene Center.  But even the current heat wave didn’t dampen the enthusiasm

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Interlude: Country, Video Games & Marvin

This is an “NSO Triple” weekend, and because of the Ampersand Part of my Job, I’m surrounded by music of the nonoperatic type. And even though it’s tough to multitask during the busy summer season, there are always new perspectives gained by taking a step away across the toll road. Country Hospitality Thursday night was

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