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Sweeney Live Blog: T-33

Thursday 7/21 – 11:47am Search for this year’s installment of freezable bandanas begins. Temp: 92 Stage management is onstage, trying to make the spike tape stick to the humidity-soaked deck. Company Manager is proceeding to buy all of the available freezable bandanas from sporting goods stores in the metropolitan area.

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Sweeney Live Blog: T-34

Thursday 7/21 – 10:45am NSO load-in Temp: 91 NSO Stage Manger Donny reports that partway through the orchestra rehearsal at the Kennedy Center yesterday, the AC went out. Players thought it was an evil plot to acclimate them to what lies ahead today and tomorrow.  Would’ve been a nice idea, but we’re not that smart.

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Sweeney Live Blog: T-44

Thursday 7/21 – 12:30am Overnight tech call #1. Temp: 83 Oh, yeah.. there’s this thing about doing opera outdoors… the only time you can tech is when it’s dark…the middle of the night. Agenda: Change over onstage electrics (pop show just loaded out), bring projectors and screen to trim, set risers, focus front of house,

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