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Deadlines and Linkage

The second deadline of the audition season looms tonight at midnight DST (for applications for Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco & Seattle). And notifications for the New York site applications are going out as we speak. If we weren’t able to put you through this year, we still wish you all the best as you navigate

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The Intern Engine

The Wolf Trap From the Inside Out blog recently featured this great photo of Scenic Painting and Props intern Kristen Prescott-Ezickson. We would not be able to function without our interns – they are one of the most important engines of this opera machine.  At this point in our season, when the accumulated fatigue and

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WTOC Administrative Internship: The Real Story

So, Kim’s allowed me to hijack her blog! Wheeeee! Actually, this is likely only going to be interesting to a small subset of you, but hang in there if you’re looking for a summer that’s immersed in music but requires you to do absolutely NO practicing. (MY KIND OF SUMMER!) We have several opportunities each

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