Survivor: WTOC Internship

The 2010 internship applicant pool is deep.  Fathoms upon fathoms of highly qualified, ambitious, smart, personable young people.  I would not have been the least bit competitive with these folks when I was in my early 20’s.  By these standards, I was a complete slacker and nonstarter.

This embarrassment of riches undoubtedly says something about the sad dearth of job opportunities, and it means that some folks who shouldn’t be shut out will not receive the offers they deserve.  And we are in the position – seemingly enviable, but not entirely so – of having to choose.

So, we have a plan.

You know how Wolf Trap Opera makes a unique contribution by choosing the best emerging professional singers and giving them an unparalleled chance to be the stars of the show?  A Filene Young Artist residency means no understudying, covering, or singing in the chorus for a summer.  Well, why not do the same for our rock star roster of internship candidates?

Rahree and I would just take a little unpaid vacation this summer, enabling the organization to bankroll hiring all qualified interns.  Then we’ll turn over complete operation of the opera company to these amazing young people.  No more sitting in a cubicle taking orders from professionals or hovering behind the tables in the rehearsal room waiting for instructions – our interns can run the whole show!

We will sit on Rahree’s front porch (just a few miles away), like yogis on the mountaintop.  And whenever this brave new world of arts admin hits the skids, we’ll be there, mint juleps in hand, to dispense advice and wisdom.

It’s a beautiful tie-in to the WTOC mission, don’t you think?  Not to mention that, as a National Park, Wolf Trap is well accustomed to the process of natural selection and survival of the fittest… and this would give us a perfect arena in which to allow the strongest of the next generation of arts leaders to emerge.  We could shop the whole thing to the Survivor franchise – tribes and alliances and all.

We are so happy about this brilliant new initiative and can’t wait to blog about it from the porch!


PS – Just. Kidding.

PPS – Wish. I. Weren’t.



Wow! This sounds like a great idea. Not only would fledgeling arts adminers begin to drool, but it would make for a really interesting television! =) Missing you guys!


Yes. Mint juleps, dispensing wisdom. I want to be part of that front porch.


The thought horrifies me a little.

But as long as at the end of the day, I can join in the Mint Julep Porch Sessions, I can get down with this idea.

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