Apologies for the paucity of new entries. The post-season fatigue was significant, and right now I seem to only have enough energy to take care of essentials. But the blog is still getting about 5,000 readers a month (“unique” visitors as they’re called in the world of internet statistics…. but then again, you opera folks are nothing if not unique…), so I’d better get back with the program.

Yes, this means that I’m not giving up, even though I fully expected to. Enough folks have urged me to consider continuing the blog, so I’ll give it a go. Look for frequent and reasonably substantive posts during the height of the audition season (mid-October through Thanksgiving). Until then, I’ll write weekly. There are a few entries that I began during this past season that I’d like to finish and post – important stuff that I hesitated to publish at the time for various reasons.

The photo above is from my mom’s garden. She died suddenly last week, far too soon. Spend time today with someone you love.

I’ll be back next week.



So sorry to hear about your mom. It’s a beautiful garden.

Glad to hear you’ve decided to keep writing. You provide a lot of much appreciated insight for us singer-types (as well as us fellow blogger types.)

All the best,


So sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is so hard. God bless you and your family in this difficult time.

Thank you for continuing your blog- it is a wonderful resource for those of us trudging away in pursuit of a singing career. It’s so wonderful to the opinions of those behind the table.


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