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I should know better than to try to churn out data while I’m on the road, saddled by a technology curse. Please find below a corrected list of WTOS aria offerings.


At 3pm, my laptop turned into a doorstop. I’m trying not to curse it, but 9 hours later I think I might have managed to fix it with a screwdriver. Inconceivable. I’m geeky but not handy. Let’s hope it lasts.

For those who are curious about such things, here are the arias offered by the singers who auditioned for this year’s Wolf Trap Opera Studio. Since we offer the opportunity to bring arias and/or art songs, you’ll find both of the above mixed in the list.

Ach ich fuehl’s
Ah non credea
Ain’t it a Pretty Night
Chacun le sait
Come now, a roundel
Come scoglio (2X)
Dearest Mama (2X)
Deep River
Donde lieta uscì(2X)
Du gai soleil (3X)
Durch Zärtlichkeit (3X)
Einst träumte
Fire Aria
Giusto o Dio
Hier soir
I Want Magic (2X)
Injurious Hermia
Io sono l’umile ancella
Je dis
Je suis encor (3X)
Je veux vivre (2X)
La fioraia fiorentina
O luce di quest’anima
O mio babbino caro
Ouvre ton coeur
Quando m’en vo (2X)
Silver aria (3X)
Song to the Moon (2X)
Steal Me
Sul fil d’un soffio(2X)
Una voce poco fa
V’adoro pupille
Willow Song

Cruda sorte
Die stille Stadt
Iris hence away
Must the Winter
Non so più (2X)
Que fais-tu (3X)
Smanie (3X)
Sta nell’ircana
Va (4X)
Vedrai carino
Voce di donna
When I am Laid in Earth

Ah, je vais l’aimer
Dei miei bollenti spiriti
Dies Bildnis (2X)
È serbato, a questo acciaro
Ecco ridente
Here I Stand (3X)
Il mio tesoro (4X)
La fleur
O Colombina
O wie aengstlich
Prologue from Turn of the Screw
Sanctus from St. Cecilia Mass
This is my box
Una furtiva lagrima

Bella siccome un angelo (2X)
Churchyard’s agog
Comme une pale fleur
Don Quichotte à Dulcinèe
È sogno
Count’s aria (3X)
I’ve Got a Ram, Goliath
Lieben, Hassen
Look, through the port
Pierrot’s Tanzlied
Racks, Gibbets, Sword and Fire
Se vuol ballare
The Vagabond

Bass & Bass-baritone
L’empio sleale
Money, O!
Non più andrai
Vi ravviso



Hi! Quick question: Is this the list of what the singers offered as their first song/aria, or is it the complete list including everything you asked for? Or, did you ask for the monologue every time?


This is the list of 1st arias offered. I did not include the follow-up aria requests this list. We asked for the monologue in about 3/4 of the auditions.


Just curious: if you have a doubts about “real” fach of mezzo,do you ever mentioned in your feedback your doubts? What is the proportions of “true” or “doubtful” mezzo? Voce di donna, seems,impossible to sing being not a true mezzo(as it should be a contralto). If you have to choose,would you prefer for your studio the “true” one but less polished or zwischen with a better technique? Thank you.


But “Voce di donna” is in the mezzo anthology. If a mezzo is taught by a mezzo and assigned that piece to learn, how do they know if they are ready to sing it or not if they have invested a large amount of trust in that teacher?


No!It was not an issue. Octavian/Der Komponist/Charlotte/Dorabella/Cherubino/Hänsel/Suzuki… even Carmen –all their most popular audition arias are so often in the resume of most suspicious voice fach: “high light lyric mezzo”. Of course, La Cieca,Dalila –totally different story. The question was:does Wolf Trap rep.can hear right away “who is who”? Is it enough important issue to mention in the feedback? Who will be more lucky(or will be chosen by WTO):the “true”(if it might be any true for 22-24 years old’)mezzo or “lazy” but well polished soprano?


The aria I started with is not on this list. Maybe that’s not a good sign?


See the corrected list above. I should’ve known better than to try to generate it on a day when my computer was being cranky :(

A handful of arias were omitted, but the list is now up to date.


What opera is the "Fire Aria" from? I have tried to find it but can not.


The "Fire Aria" is a short coloratura soprano aria from Ravel's L'enfant et les sortileges. The first word is "Arriere!"

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