See You in 2006

This week has blind-sided me, and I’m about to join all of my blogger colleagues out there who are taking a brief sabbatical. I’ll resurface the first week of January, well-rested and ready to dig into our pre-production phase. (There are some benefits of working for a summer festival company, and a full week of winter vacation is one of them!)

In Case You Haven’t Heard…

This sound clip has made the rounds, but you might’ve missed it: Cure for the “Messiah” Blues. Thanks to Drew McManus of Adaptistration for archiving it.

The jury’s out as to whether this was a truly unfortunately and honest-to-god live performance or it was a scripted practical joke. Nevertheless, it makes me smile. I’ve played those nasty electronic organs where there’s a scary “transpose” button right next to the general pistons. (Imagine playing a keyboard where your hands look like they’re in D Major but the music emanating is in Db…) This sort of accident is entirely possible :)

Meme of Four

This conversation starter has been making the rounds of blogdom in the last week. I’d hop on board, but I’m too tired to think this hard, and somehow it seems a little more personal than I’d like to be in this forum. (Stick with me, and maybe by summer I’ll lighten up:)

Anyway, use the Meme of Four to learn more about your friends and family this week.

  • Four jobs you’ve had in your life
  • Four movies you could watch over and over
  • Four places you’ve lived
  • Four TV shows you love to watch
  • Four places you’ve been on vacation
  • Four websites you visit daily
  • Four of your favorite foods
  • Four places you’d rather be

Light Reading

If you’re passing some time surfing the internet and you’re not yet acquainted with our previous blogging incarnations, give them a visit: Audition Tour Fall 2004 & Summer Season 2005.

Step Away from the Keyboard

But, as I tell my son daily, you really shouldn’t be spending this much time on the internet anyway. Here’s to wishing you good health, much laughter, and great music in this holiday season and in the new year – see you in ’06!



Kim! So great to see you blogging! It makes me feel like I’m a part of WTOC again. I’ll look forward to reading the chronicles of Wolf Trap as the saga continues.

Have a wonderful holiday season with your fabulous fam –I can’t believe how grown up your kids are! Very “Sunrise, Sunset.”

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