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We will spend the next month fleshing out the details of the WTOC repertoire and casting for next summer, and our season announcement is scheduled for February 2, 2013.  But those of you in the DC area (and any of you far-flung readers who are hardy opera voyagers!) may be interested in this preliminary save-the-date information:

Performances for summer 2013 are scheduled for:

  • Opera #1 – June 21, 23 & 27
  • Opera #2 – July 19
  • Opera #3 – August 9, 11, 14 & 17

It’s going to be a marvelously exciting season! (Oh, and if you’re clever, you’ll find a hint in this post that will help you guess the title of one of next summer’s operas:))



oooo this makes me excited and jealous and happy all at the same time! Happy new season, Wolf Trap!


OK, I’ll try.

Glass is unlikely, for lots of reasons. Offenbach would be fantastic, but if Wolf Trap were to do one of his operas bouffes, it would probably not be this one. Argento is becoming more popular and would certainly fit in the Barns pit, but again there’s more likely Argento operas if you were going to perform one. If it’s Rossini, you must have really been impressed by the basses you auditioned.

Of course, the clue may have been “hardy” and there’s an opera based on Return of the Native that I’ve never heard of.

If it is Rossini, it says something good about your method. I can’t imagine a young artist program deciding to perform Il viaggio a Reims and then going out to find 14 soloists to fit.


So I’m trying to figure what in the post produced Jim’s guesses. My guess is the Flying Dutchman as a far-flung voyager.

The Pirate King

let see if we can guess
far-flung – the seven seas
Hardy Voyagers – Pirates

Pirates of Penzance


So it is the Rossini. I’m very much looking forward to it. The Falstaff, too. I fear I’ll miss the Traviata, since we’re supposed to be in Philadelphia that weekend.

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