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Do you tweet? Have you wondered what all the fuss is about?

No matter the answer, here’s a fun way to check out Twitter. Go to and enter #operaplot into the search box. You’ll be hooked into a recent craze/competition, the goal of which is to reduce an opera plot into 140 characters (the limits of a tweet.)

If you don’t twitter, just enter your ~120-character* opera plot for the WTOC 2009 operas (Cosi fan tutte, Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria and La boheme) into the comments section of this blog. I’ll tweet it for you, and I’ll pick the best one to include on the face page of the blog throughout the summer. [*120 characters leaves 10 characters for the search “tag” (#operaplot) and 10 characters for your name, if you’d like it included!]

ogiovetti and gsandow sort of rule this game, but there have been entertaining entries from far and wide. (The “@” symbol identifies a Twitter screen name.)

So far, I’ve seen this:

You can’t tell those are your BFs? Seriously? Oh no! Don’t do it with the other one! Wait. Maybe you want it like this? Huh. [by arbakr]


They’re all the same, those women. Can’t resist a good looking bloke. Not a faithful bone in their body. Everyone’s at it. [by higgis]


A bunch of bohemians. Is that a cold hand? Cough, cough. Forsake love. Cough, cough. Regain love. Cough, cough. Dead. [by hchan]


Seamstress pals around with bohemians in a December-May affair. Receives muff as parting gift. [by ogiovetti]

Mozart’s Cosi, Monteverdi’s Ulisse and Puccini’s Boheme in 120 characters each. You can do it.



oh what fun! I wish I’d seen the contest sooner. I wrote one for ITALIANA, but have to think a bit more for summer operas…


I love you. I love you. I still love you. I still love you. I’m going to leave you. Let’s stay together. I miss her. She’s sick. She’s dead. Courage!


WOMEN! They’re all the same! The only faithful one is Despina and she gets stuck with Don Alfonso!!

James the Bad

Home after 20 years to find a houseful of men after your wife, drunkards & horny teenagers in the yard. Grab that bow and arrow.


In the words of the immortal Crosby, Stills and Nash: “Love the One
You’re With.”


Entourage, a la Bohemia. Consumed girl shows up. Momus! I love you! She left. Let’s eat. She coughs. Muff? She croaks.


Mortals, gods and allegory – oh my! Why coming home sometimes makes us wish we traveled more.


we four know what love is. we do. uh. uh?! maybe we do not.
now what? now humbled are we learning?

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