Piano Tech on Alcina’s Island

Piano Tech Rehearsal

The initial rehearsal onstage during “tech week,” Piano Tech gets its first name from the fact that the orchestra isn’t there yet, and accompaniment comes from the keyboard. (In this case, the mighty Yamaha Zauberklavier, tuned down to A-415:) It gets its second name from the fact that singers are grappling with the set, costumes, and real props for the first time.

Therefore, these images show Alcina as a work in progress. Outtakes included.

The Dance

Go to Grecchinois and watch The Dance. Even if you’re having a bad day. Especially if you’re having a bad day. I dare you not to smile.

RSS Fatigue

You know it’s bad when I don’t get my 15-minute lunch break with my blog feeds. But it’s been days and days… A furtive glance at Google Reader shows that unread posts have topped 1,000. So it’s time for blog bankruptcy. If you’re a fellow blogger, and you’ve written an unmissable post in the last ten days or so, you may just have to tell me about it in person. Because I’m about to delete them all and start fresh :)

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Fabulous pics, Kim! I especially loved the one of Eric E., falling under Alcina’s spell…

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