Pamina vs. Iolanta: The Soprano Stats

Soprano Aria Frequency List

In honor of the fact that our first audition application deadline for summer 2017 is just a week away (yes, if you want to audition in LA or San Francisco, you must apply by Thursday, September 1…), I give you the 2016 Aria Frequency List for sopranos!

Click through to the PDF to inspect the data in all of its nerdy glory. You’ll see the frequency with which various arias were included in sopranos’ 4-aria packages, which arias were chosen as openers, and (new this year!) a list of arias sorted by language.

As has been the case as long as I’ve been keeping these statistics, the most frequently listed soprano aria is Pamina’s. But for the first time ever, we have a new favorite for opening aria: Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta!

Other voice types to follow next week. Try to contain your excitement.


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