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This morning we kicked off the 2008 version of Open Studio. For 5 days we offer an opportunity for Wolf Trap donors to see inside the workings of our newest venture – the Wolf Trap Opera Studio.

All sessions begin with an introduction by WTOS’ fearless leader Josh Winograde. (Who will momentarily leave us for a Big Job. But we’ll forgive him.)

This morning, he introduced our own Eric Melear – coach, chorusmaster, WTOS Music Director, and most recently, Alcina conductor.

Eric demonstrated how a conductor works with singers – demystifying some of what goes on in a conductor’s mind for both the audience and the singers in the room. (You’ll notice that I said “some of”… I think the rest will always be a mystery:)

We take so much of our business for granted that it’s quite a lot of fun to be able to shed some light on it for audience members who clearly love the art form and have a seemingly endless supply of questions about how it all fits together.


I had big plans for podcasts this summer, and I’m conceding defeat. Too few hours and too many competing demands. But a bunch of our singers got together today to free-associate about their careers, the challenges and rewards of the opera business, and what they wish they had known when they were 20 :)

In the post-season, I’ll edit our hour-long ramblings into a few shorter chunks and post here on the blog. Thanks, guys.


I’ve been nagging Bob all summer to finish his daily schedule program, but I’m having to take 3rd place in his life, after his job and his pre-VTech assignments. (Well, if I’m honest, I’m kinda 5th in line after those two things, his girlfriend, and his crazy fast computer.)

I did nab Bob long enough this evening to update all of the code for the 2009 audition applications. I think we nailed it. We’ll test for a few days, and with any luck we’ll go live next week. First application deadline is September 30.

Thanks, Bob.

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Best of luck to Bob and I hope he is planning to continue singing and acting at Tech!

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