Once Upon a Time in Germany

Even though there were other important things happening today (a “Dressing for Operatic Success” seminar with costume guru Marsha Leboeuf, an all-too-entertaining L’Etoile run-through among others), I can’t resist yet another storyboard from opera in the woods. Once again, all created by the several hundred children in the audience. One of whom, obviously, was recently in Germany :)

Once upon a time in a castle, a king and a princess (quite bored, they were)….
… swam every day (in the moat, of course)….

….until Harry Potter and a dragon…..

…. came along to fly with them.

Of course, there was a surprise character
(some evil guyfrom the Harry Potter books…
I’ll have to get the name for you…
I’m not exactly up on all of that, sadly).
But there was a happy ending!
Tomorrow brings more Instant Opera, coachings for Magic Flute (which starts in 5, count ’em, 5 days…) and a National Symphony concert.

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The evil guy from the Harry Potter books was a Dementor! :)

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